What are the Signs that My Car’s Tires are Unsafe?

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Are my tires safe for winter driving in Salem, OR?, text on an image of the front passenger side tire of a black car driving through a couple inches of snow

How Do I Know if My Tires are Safe for Winter Driving in Salem, OR?

We don’t often get excessive snowfall here in Salem, OR but it still does snow here and when it does it causes hazards and havoc on the roadways.  Knowing if the tires on your car are ready to drive through the wintery mess is important to you and your family’s safety.  It is easy to see if your tires are ready for winter driving with three easy steps and they are to check tire tread depth, measure tire PSI and keep your tires at the recommended pressure, and to inspect your tires for cracks, chips, or bulges  If you notice any of these issues with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle or Sprinter Van we can get it running right again at Mercedes-Benz of Salem.

3 Signs Your Tires are Unsafe

Tread Wear Indicator
Tires have tread wear indicators that alert you when the tread on the tire has worn too thin. If you see a “bridge” connecting the treads on your tires that is the tread wear indicator telling you that it is time for new tires.

Mechanic pointing at the tread wear indicator on a tire

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Tire Pressure
The recommended tire pressure for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is listed on a sticker in the driver-side door jamb. If the PSI in your tires is too low it can drastically reduce the control you have of your vehicle in poor weather and it also increases stopping distance and gives you a greater chance of a blowout. Check your tire pressure regularly in the winter because changing temperatures affect your tires air pressure.

Mechanic checking the air pressure of a tire

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Chips, Cracks, or Bulges
This requires a visual inspection of your vehicle’s tires and if you see chips, cracks, or bulges in them it is definitely time to have them replaced. Most of these maladies are a result of rough roads or run-ins with curbs during a parallel park but are serious and need to be addressed immediately.

Mechanic with white gloves pointing to a bald spot on a tire

Mercedes-Benz of Salem offers many vehicle services which include tire rotation and replacement.  If your vehicle needs any servicing you can schedule an appointment by clicking the link below.

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  1. I wasn’t aware that there is a bridge on the tires that indicate that the treads are worn as you mentioned. Since my Nissan car’s tire pressure is quite low, I think I have to go to a tire center to have this fixed. After all, the chips that I saw on the tires yesterday might be dangerous so I might have to replace it anyway.

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