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How to keep your Mercedes-Benz looking nice during the winter

The winter weather can be harsh. Not only can it affect road conditions, it can also affect our vehicle. Not only can there be battery and motor oil issues, the exterior can be affected as well. One way is by the salt that is on the road to melt ice and snow. The salt can stick to your car and cause rust if left on too long. Today, we will be teaching you how to keep your Mercedes-Benz looking nice during the winter. Keep reading to get some tips for winter keep up.

white car with rust on bottom

Winter Car Cleaning Tips

  1. Prepare your car for the winter. Before it gets to winter, give your car a thorough wash. Check behind the wheels, the quarter panels, the undercarriage and the front end. These are common areas where salt and debris collect, and where rust forms. After your car is clean, apply a coat of wax. This will provide a protective layer to protect the vehicle from the winter weather.
  2. Cleaning during the winter. Use a brush to remove excess snow or ice from your car. Use warm water as it will melt away grime, salt and sand that is stuck to your vehicle. Do not wash your car when it is below freezing. Pay attention to the wheels as they take the most damage from winter driving. Switch out cloth floor mats with rubber ones for easier cleaning of the interior.
  3. Stop rust from growing. To prevent rust from growing, make sure you check your car routinely throughout the winter. The tires, bumpers and wheel wells are the most common places where rust starts to build. Clean the parts of the car that look like rust has the potential to form. You can also look online and at auto stores for rust prevention products to apply to your car. If you can’t afford these products, apply used oil to the undercarriage of your car. This trick has been used by farmers on their trucks and tractors.   

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