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Strange road laws in Oregon

It seems that no place on earth is immune to weird laws. Everywhere governing body has to create a system of rules to live by, but every now and then, one of those rules stand out. The Great State of Oregon is no exception and has its own share of peculiar laws. We don’t know the origin of some of these but keep reading to learn about some odd road laws you might not have been aware of. And thank us later when you don’t get a ticket! 

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What are some weird road and car laws in Oregon? 

Don’t throw human waste on the highway blue lights on cop car

The law: HB 3530 Section 1, A person commits the offense of improperly disposing of human waste if the person is operating or riding in a motor vehicle and the person throws, puts or otherwise leaves a container of urine or other human waste on or beside the highway. 

We’d like to think ‘don’t throw feces onto the highway’ goes without saying, but apparently, it needed to be legislated. This offense is punishable by a maximum fine of $250, which seems a bit low, honestly. The law itself isn’t as bizarre as whatever prompted the government to create it in the first place. 

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Kids have to stay in the car 

The law: HB 2339 Section 1, A person commits the offense of carrying a [child] minor on an external part of a motor vehicle if the person carries any [child] person under 18 years of age upon the hood, fender, running board or other external part of any motor vehicle that is upon a highway. 

Minors, but only minors, apparently, cannot ride on the hood, fender, running board, or in the open truck bed of a vehicle. This law makes sense, but it seems odd that there aren’t any obvious rules pertaining to this for adults. Oddly enough, if on a hunting trip, this law doesn’t apply to minors as long as they are secured with a seatbelt. 

Can’t work on your car too much 

The law: Exact law not available 

In Gresham, OR, a person is not allowed to work on vehicle repair “on a property with a single family dwelling or duplex on more than two days within a week.” Why? We really have no idea. But hey, we said these are weird laws. Leave a comment if you know of any other odd laws in the state! 

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