What is the Mercedes-Benz MercedesMe App?

As the digital age is well underway, people are glued to their smartphones more than ever before. You access your smartphone for weather updates, restaurant reservations, watching your favorite shows, and so much more, so why not use your smartphone to control certain aspects of your vehicle? Well, now you can thanks to the MercedesMe app. Learn more about it below!

How to Use the MercedesMe Smartphone App

What can you do with your MercedesMe app? Check out the amazing functions below:

  • Use Remote Parking Assist to automatically park your Mercedes-Benz into parking spots
  • Connect to Concierge Service to use as your personal assistant to answer your questions, book concert tickets, recommend restaurants and much more.
  • Access Remote Online services so you can conveniently call up all of your Mercedes’ key functions on your smartphone at any time, such as tank fill level, tire pressure, check the state of the brakes, use the Geofencing function, or avail of pre-entry climate control.
  • Use Navigation with Live Traffic Information to get around.
  • Get notifications from Car-to-X-Communication to make sure you steer clear of undesirable situations.
  • And much more

To get a better idea of all that the MercedesMe app can do, check out this helpful video:

If you would like to know more about the strides that Mercedes-Benz is taking in terms of technology, be sure to visit the “Safety and Technology” section of our blog here at Mercedes-Benz of Salem!

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